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SISU Consulting Group

SISU Consulting Group is an internationally recognized and award-winning firm dedicated to helping organizations drive superior business results by creating continuous improvement cultures where "improving the work is work." With consultants supporting organizations internationally, SISU has become a pioneer in the implementation of principle-based management systems characterized by high levels of employee engagement and rapid rates of sustained improvement.
SISU specializes in increasing stakeholder value through the development of effective leaders at each level of the organization. By inspiring groups to expand their vision of what's possible, SISU engages teams through action and insight and shows organizations how to build deep and sustainable systems of continuous improvement. Each implementation is guided by the belief that SISU's role is to empower people to become independent risk takers and to leverage their abilities to solve problems and think creatively about their daily work.
SISU is one of only 20 Licensed Shingo Affiliates globally, with highly experienced consultants. Collectively they have more than 70 years experience helping client companies bring the Shingo Model to life. SISU has worked with 27 companies that have achieved various levels of Shingo recognition and, in particular, its team members have supported four out of the six most recent Shingo Prize recipients.


English, Spanish


North America, Europe, Central America


Manufacturing, Precision Machining, Food Processing, Retail, Energy, Healthcare, Higher Education

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Certified Facilitators

Alex Dobsky

Alex Dobsky

Continuous Improvement Manager

Alex Dobsky is a consultant with SISU Consulting Group and the director of operations and supply chain for Timberline Manufacturing Company. From 2004 to 2012, Mr. Dobsky worked at US Synthetic from the initial stages of the company's lean implementation until after their reception of the Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence. During his time at US Synthetic he was instrumental in developing a complete system of onboarding and coaching for the organization, as well as reducing total training lead time from 90 days to 15 days, while tripling the job skills developed.

Eilish Henry

Eilish Henry

Director, SISU Europe

Eilish Henry is the director of SISU Europe and a certified facilitator for the Shingo Institute. Ms. Henry was the first Shingo global coach appointed in Europe and is a highly experienced Shingo examiner, helping a large number of organizations achieve levels of Shingo recognition. She has worked across a wide range of sectors, including central government, healthcare, medical devices, chemicals, packaging, automotive, aerospace and financial services. In 2004, Ms. Henry was awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for her work in leading large cultural change programs in the UK public sector.

Mike Martyn

Mike Martyn


Mike Martyn is the founder of SISU Consulting Group, an internationally recognized and award-winning firm dedicated to helping organizations drive superior business results by creating continuous improvement cultures where “improving the work is the work.” Prior to founding SISU, Mr. Martyn worked in private equity, successfully turning around companies in both manufacturing and service industries. A two-time recipient of the Shingo Research Award, he has personally coached more than 100 organizations in implementing the principles of operational excellence, including Baxter Healthcare, State Farm, La-Z-Boy, OC Tanner, University of Washington, Aera Energy, Boston Scientific and Christie Clinic. Many of his clients have successfully challenged and received Shingo recognition. Mr. Martyn has been involved with the Shingo Institute since 2001, serving in a variety of roles, most recently as senior curriculum advisor and as a member of the Shingo Examiner Committee.